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NSF Supported Research on High School Cohorts Nears Completion

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

We are now synthesizing lessons learned on the multiple fronts of development and implementation of individual cohort classes in collaboration with universities and schools.  In the course of this research, local universities, YPP, the Industrial Areas Foundation, and other partners have worked closely with participating schools, teachers and students.  Summative results of the research on cohort classes will be available in 2014. Meanwhile, initial indicators of graduation rates for the cohort classes are promising.  The graduation rates of two of the five cohorts are 55% and 81%.  These results are outstanding given that these were low performing students many of whom might otherwise have dropped out.  We are collecting the data on the remaining cohorts, as well as data that will compare them with other low-performing students who did not participate in the project.

A final project working conference, “Math Cohort High Schools: Harnessing the Language and Culture of Students”, is planned in mid-July, jointly sponsored by Educational Testing Service (ETS), the Young People’s Project (YPP) and the Algebra Project with support of the National Science Foundation. The conference will bring together a network of educational institutions, community based organizations and potential Math Cohort high schools willing to focus on students in the bottom quartile in order to establish for them a standard for college and career readiness (students prepared to do college mathematics for college credit).  The purpose of this convening is to explore various facets of this goal and develop a consensus on next steps; it will be held at the Chauncey Conference Center on ETS campus in Princeton, NJ.
In the future, together with the YPP, we aim to “quarterback” a national network of Math Cohort High Schools with school, school district, university, organizations, and community based groups.  Schools that are currently helping to drive this initiative include Mansfield Senior High School, in Mansfield, OH; Augustus Hawkins High School, in Los Angeles, CA; Northwestern High School in Miami, FL; the Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School, in the South Bronx, NY; and the Jeremiah E. Burke High School, in Boston, MA.

Interested in getting involved? For more info, send email to or call the Algebra Project office 617-491-0200.

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