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Working meeting foreshadows “Whole Schools” national coalition building

Supported by Princeton University, Educational Testing Service (ETS), and a five-year National Science Foundation study of Algebra Project high school student cohorts, more than 90 people—students, teachers, school administrators, university researchers, and activists—gathered at in Princeton, NJ, to address the urgent need for improvement of education in the United States, with a focus on mathematics literacy. Bob Moses writes that the Civil Rights Movement was successful in “getting Jim Crow out of public accommodations, access to the vote, and the national Democratic Party, but we did not get Jim Crow out of public education.”


The AP is proposing to quarterback the creation of a national coalition of whole schools dedicated to raising the floor for students who previously have been performing in the lowest quartile on standardized exams. Algebra Project curricula has been used in classrooms but not in whole schools. The AP is developing ties to programs, like the National Writing Project so that students in the lowest quartile can have access to quality education in additional academic subjects. When more schools and more teachers experience success educating studentsnot currently thriving, one ingredient for a national dialogue on the right to quality education will be in place. A second meeting to advance this coalition is being planned for the spring of 2013 at ETS.

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