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Vision for Quality Public School Education re-energizes long struggle

The Algebra Project began at the King Open program in Cambridge, MA 30 years ago. Since then, over 100,000 students and upwards of 3,000 teachers have participated. Our focus remains pin-pointed: devising “what to teach and how to teach it” so that students previously performing in the lowest quartile on standardized exams are willing to do the hard work of learning mathematics, and support their peers in doing the same.


Bob Moses recently noted, “the Algebra Project has shown that there is a way for students at the bottom to learn math, graduate high school in four years, and be ready for college math for college credit. And once there are enough examples of success coming from a national coalition, we can dispel the myth that ‘these kids don’t want to or can’t learn.’ In so doing, I believe we will be in position to launch a movement, in collaboration with the Young Peoples’ Project, toward quality education as a constitutional right.”


In this issue, you’ll read about our efforts to grow this education movement, with new partnerships, and highlights from our national network.

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