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Nashville’s Napier Elementary site of new collaboration with the ETS

Educational Testing Service and Napier Elementary School in Nashville, TN, are partnering with the Algebra Project and the Young People’s Project to offer an innovative strategy supporting elementary students’ acquisition of number facts. The AP has provided professional development to teachers at Napier while the YPP plans training for Fisk University students as college math literacy workers who will implement the Flagway Game in fourth grade physical education classes at Napier in the spring of 2013. ETS staff also aims to conduct research on this pilot project.


The partnership marks the first school-based collaboration with ETS. Dr. Michael Nettles is Senior Vice President and Edmund W Gordon Chair at ETS’ Policy Evaluation and Research Center. Dr. Nettles met Moses during the latter’s fellowship at Princeton last year. Nettles and his team are interested in AP/YPP strategies for raising the floor of math literacy for previously low-performing students, and would like to see these initiatives grow in ways measurable by researchers.

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