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Algebra Project joins “Teachers as Professionals” at Park City Math Institute

This July, Algebra Project teachers Amy Stoyko, Marian Currell and Monica Tienda and Naama Lewis of the Young People’s Project (YPP), traveled to Utah to participate in the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences ad hoc Committee on Teachers as Professionals, at the annual Park City Math Institute—a program of the Center for Advanced Studies. This invitational working session placed teachers front and center in devising strategies for the implementation of the new Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. The Flagway Games™are a set of knowledge-based games created by Bob Moses and the YPP to increase arithmetic and algebraic mathematical competency among underserved youth. Flagway provides students with a level of competency and expertise with basic multiplication facts and theories for the first 150 numbers as well as laying a foundation for mathematical competency.


The AP/YPP group used the Park City sessions to deconstruct some of the module lessons to see how an after school enrichment program could be organized and sequenced for classroom instruction. Finally, the group worked on aligning the Flagway module lessons with the new Common Core State Standards in Mathematics standards and practices. Says Tienda, “It was a very intensive, very useful three weeks of mathematical enrichment and professional growth.”

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