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AP & ETS Policy Evaluation & Research Ctr. plan collaboration

We believe that one of the most valuable features of AP work could be extended through a burgeoning partnership of the Algebra Project and Young People’s Project with the Educational Testing Service (ETS) of Princeton, NJ:  research into the nature and context of implementation in these sites, lessons learned to date, and lessons that can be learned through implementation and analysis of targeted activities (cf. Penuel, Fishman, Cheng and Sabelli (Oct 2011).  Organizing research and development at the intersection of learning, implementation and design.  Educational Researcher, 40 (7), pp. 331-337).  This year, the Algebra Project and ETS’ Policy Evaluation & Research Center (PERC) seek to partner on three activities:

(1)    Bill Crombie, Algebra Project Director of Professional Development, will consult with ETS/PERC team members on the design and scheduling of a series of professional development coaching sessions for ETS personnel in support of ETS Challenge Assessments used at Lehman College in the Bronx, NY, with NYC teachers.

(2)    Consensus building and collaborative design work to move the project’s successful work in isolated middle and high school classrooms toward whole-school implementation from Fall 2012 on.  The focal event for this work is a one and one half day planning meeting to be held in Spring 2012.

(3) ETS researchers and AP also are exploring future development of formative assessments to accompany Algebra Project curricular materials so that teachers can better understand what students are learning in class and thereby improve instruction.

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