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A message from Ben Moynihan, AP Director of Operations

Greetings, All. We are grateful to share these stories about the collaborative work with schools, students, parents, administrators, and with university and organizational partners that make the impact of our mission so much more effective. We seek to grow a vibrant national network so that when a new movement for the transformation of public schools emerges, we all will be ready to participate and support it. As a decentralized network, we work in an “organizing mode,” after Mrs. Ella Baker, in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  This newsletter speaks to the power of our allies as an interdependent collective working to raise the floor of mathematics literacy for students previously performing in the lowest quartile on standardized tests.  It is about the preparation young people need to access full citizenship in the Information Age, and the adults in the mix ready to stand with and behind them.  Thank you for everything you do with and for the Algebra Project.

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