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The Algebra Project, together with the Young Peoples’ Project, the Ohio State University-Mansfield Campus, and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale JOINS “100KIN10,” A MULTI-SECTOR MOVEMENT TO TACKLE NATION’S NEED FOR 100,000 EXCELLENT MATH AND SCIENCE TEACHERS IN 10 YEARS, now partners in an initiative to Recruit, Develop, and Retain Excellent STEM Teachers for Public Schools; President Obama Says “Nothing is More Important”; Secretary Duncan Lauds Initiative’s “All-Hands-on-Deck Strategy”

The Algebra Project and its partners have joined a growing multi-sector movement currently composed of more than 80 partners committed to working to recruit, develop, and retain 100,000 excellent STEM teachers over the coming 10 years. The movement is being led by Carnegie Corporation of New York the Opportunity Equation.

100Kin10 is a multi-sector mobilization that invites any organization, including but not limited to corporations, school districts, museums, institutions of higher education, foundations, federal agencies, professional associations, states, and nonprofit organizations, to apply their particular assets to creatively and strategically address the challenges of increasing the supply of and retaining excellent STEM educators.

The AP, together with OSU-Mansfield, SIU, and the YPP, has committed to:

Increasing Supply:
Will recruit and prepare 1000 math teachers over 10 years, from Algebra Project and Young People’s Project networks, to implement pedagogy proven to increase academic achievement of students who enter middle or high school performing in the lowest quartile on state or national tests.

Retain Excellence:
Will support experienced project teachers and university collaborators to mentor and coach the new teachers in the classroom, facilitate teacher groups, discuss teaching practice using project-designed observational teacher assessments, and review of their students’ academic growth.

Building a Movement:
By networking with current Algebra Project teachers/university partners and Young People’s Project (high school and college) students who already form a network base for recruiting and supporting teachers’ practice.

While professional development for practicing teachers always has been central to the project’s math literacy work, the 100k in 10 initiative provides a unique opportunity to partner with YPP, SIU and OSU-Mansfield in the design of Algebra Project infused undergraduate teacher pre-service certification programs―an extension into a critical, collaborative strategy for recruiting and preparing new generations of teachers who will represent increased capacity to serve greater numbers of students and schools nationally in the coming years.

The initiative was originally announced at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America Meeting in Chicago in June 2011, where President Clinton urged corporations, foundations, and other interested organizations to take part. At the seventh Annual Meeting of CGI in New York City last week, President Obama reiterated the imperative: “[Our future] demands that we give every child the skills and education they need to succeed. And I thank you for the commitment that you made to recruit and train tens of thousands of new science, technology, engineering, and math teachers. Nothing could be more important.”

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan yesterday lauded the 100Kin10 initiative, saying: “President Obama and I believe that recruiting and preparing 100,000 excellent new teachers in the STEM fields is essential for our students’ success in the 21st century knowledge economy. We need an all-hands-on-deck strategy to make this happen. I applaud the work of Carnegie Corporation and the Opportunity Equation and the 80 organizations including corporations, universities, non-profits, states, and districts that are coming together under the banner of ‘100Kin10’ to provide our students with a world-class education in the STEM subjects.”

Michele Cahill, Vice President for National Programs, Carnegie Corporation of New York and Co-Chair of the Opportunity Equation, said, “With 100Kin10, partners aren’t just voicing their concern, they are making real, measurable commitments to solving a complex, national problem. We hope their commitments will help mobilize others to join in the effort to increase the supply of excellent math and science teachers and retain them and all those currently in the classroom so that all students have access to rich, engaging, challenging science and math learning.”

More information, including a complete list of partners and their commitments, is available on the 100Kin10 website.

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