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This summer the Algebra Project partners with YPP, the People Speak, and Beacon Press for QECR book release and accompanying tour!!

Quality Education as a Constitutional Right: Creating a Grassroots Movement to Transform Public Schools.
Editors: Theresa Perry, Robert P. Moses, Joan T. Wynne, Ernesto Cortes Jr., Lisa Delpit.

Legendary civil rights leader and education activist Robert Moses invited one hundred prominent African American and Latino intellectuals and activists to meet to discuss a proposal for a campaign to guarantee a quality education for all children as a constitutional right –
a movement that would “transform current approaches to educational inequity, all of which have failed miserably to yield results for our children.” The response was overwhelming, and people literally started organizing on the spot.

This book – emerging directly from that effort – includes fierce, eloquent call by Moses for a new approach to school reform. He argues that the crisis in public education for children of color won’t be solved by bureaucratic fixes but only by a grassroots, popular movement modeled after the civil rights movement.

The Young People’s Project – whose work is an outgrowth of the Algebra Project and informed by the work of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) – is embarking on a nationwide ‘We The People Tour’ with stops at prominent universities and communities across the country. The goal of this tour is to promote the philosophies found within the newly released QECR book and to spark a national conversation about the need for high quality education as a civil right for all public school students around the country. Through the tour YPP hopes to engage students, parents, teachers and communities around the idea of Quality Education as a Constitutional Right.

The Young People’s Project has for 13 years worked to get young people moving around their education. They do this by empowering the young to learn, teach, lead and organize around math literacy. The QECR campaign has offered young people at YPP a space to begin working towards influencing local education policy in their communities. Currently students at YPP are using multimedia to document their educational experiences and create a new narrative about themselves as public school students. They are also working towards a resolution in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts that says that all children are deserving of a high quality public school education and that there should be a Constitutional amendment that ensures this. The language of the Resolution will be informed by students through a visioning process where students are asked to produce a collective vision for high quality education in Cambridge.

YPP with the help of AP is working to get young people at the front lines of education policy and advocacy; by grooming them to become lobbyists for the quality of education they are given. Through the book tour and the local work we feel this can be done. Please visit for more information on ways to connect to the tour.
To read more about the book and to place an order, go to Beacon Press. { }

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