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APs National Network is Growing

Coming out of Bob Moses’ call to organize a movement demanding quality education for all students, a number of schools have joined the AP’s national network of Cohort sites.  The Cohort model is a collaborative effort between the Algebra Project, the Young People’s Project, and local universities and public schools at each site. Each site agrees to support at least one classroom of students throughout their high school career, providing learning opportunities such as the following:

  • 90 minutes of math every day for 4 years – using AP curricular materials
  • Student summer programs for additional math learning and college prep activities
  • Youth leadership and community building through afterschool programs
  • School-year and summer professional development opportunities for teachers

As we partner with various universities and community groups at each site, unique interests and areas of expertise are emerging and shaping the direction of our work.  For example:

  1. Ypsilanti, Michigan Cohort Site: University of Michigan, School of Education – building on Dean Deborah Ball’s research on mathematical knowledge for teaching in the elementary grades, UMICH and the AP are working to develop a secondary math lab, which will aim to enhance our understanding of quality mathematics teaching at the middle and high school levels.
  2. Los Angeles Cohort Site: working with LA-One/IAF, local community organizers have offered training workshops for parents and generated increased interest in the cohort model, exploring how local community groups can help expand the project.
  3. Eldorado, Illinois and Mansfield, Ohio Cohort Sites: Southern Illinois University – Carbondale and Ohio State University – Mansfield are intentionally collaborating on a joint summer institute for their cohort students, in order to maximize their students’ access to university resources.  Through the AP’s on-going relationship with mathematics professor Greg Budzban, SIU is also hosting the AP’s teacher PD and PDPD institutes this summer.
  4. Baltimore Algebra Project: a separate non-profit, the Baltimore AP actively participates in the growing network of AP sites and demonstrates the effectiveness of student-led education, employment and activism.  BAP is also collaborating with researchers at University of Maryland.
  5. Brooklyn/New York City Cohort Site: with the entire freshman class of over 500 students and 10 mathematics teachers, Boys and Girls High School in Bedford-Stuyvesant is the AP’s largest cohort.  In addition, world-renowned geometer and Cornell professor David Henderson is working with NYC teachers to develop new Algebra Project High School Geometry materials that will form the basis of the 3rd-year curriculum for all AP cohorts.
  6. Chicago: a December 2009 meeting brought together Dr. Akihiko Takahashi, Director of the Lesson Study Institute at DePaul University in Chicago, with AP representatives Nell Cobb (Professor of Education at DePaul), Bill Crombie, Bob Moses and Ben Moynihan, to discuss integrating Lesson Study methodology into Algebra Project teacher professional development.  Nell Cobb and Bill Crombie were also invited to present their work around competencies for effective professional development at an international conference in Thailand.

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