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Algebra Project Teacher Professional Development Institute

Program Announcement for the Summer 2010

Algebra Project Teacher Professional Development Institute

The Algebra Project invites you to a 2-week intensive Teacher Professional Development Institute this summer, from July 19-31, 2010 at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL.

• Week One (Monday – Saturday, 6 days) will focus on the Experiential Learning of participants: exploring key experiences and associated concepts in the Algebra Project’s high school instructional materials.

• Week Two (Monday – Friday, 5 days) will focus on Practice and Reflection: observing and discussing Algebra Project demonstration classes in a modified Lesson Study format.

Experienced Algebra Project Teachers, Professional Development Specialists, and Materials Developers will facilitate the sessions of the Institute.

Each afternoon will provide opportunities for reflection and representation of what is being learned.  Additional math content sessions will be available some evenings, as well as activities designed to build and strengthen the Algebra Project Teacher Community.  For example, some sessions will focus on inquiry in the classroom; others will introduce teachers to online communication technologies.

Note that there will be two concurrent sessions at the PD Institute:
1. Teachers who are new to the Algebra Project will work with Year 1 Algebra materials:
Trip Line, Road Coloring and Racing Against Time.
2. Returning Algebra Project Teachers will work with Year 2 materials:
Geometry, Polynomials, and Winding Games.

At times, both groups will work together on Algebra Project pedagogy, classroom management, lesson planning, and study of effective classroom practice.

The Algebra Project welcomes teachers, administrators, math coaches and/or university faculty who are either currently using or supporting the use of Algebra Project high school materials, who are developing a new site, or want to “jumpstart” a new site (please see contact people below for information on new site design and planning processes).

Housing, meals and meeting space will be provided at the Southern Illinois University (Carbondale campus).  Amenities on the Southern Illinois Campus include a gym, multiple dining options, and easy access to Shawnee National Forest, The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, libraries, and other cultural events. For more details see:

Tuition: $3,500 per person.*  This includes registration, housing, meals, materials, and access to all University amenities, gym, Internet access.  Local sites also are responsible for providing transportation to/from the institute. The nearest airport is St Louis Lambert Airport (STL): the Institute will provide transportation between the airport and Southern Illinois University at the beginning and end of the institute.

Local sites are also responsible for any stipends for participating teachers.

*Registration and Tuition Deadlines
• By May 7, 2010 – Regular Registration & Tuition Payment Due: $3,500.

• By May 28, 2010 – Late Registration : 10% surcharge: $3,850.
o Registrations postmarked after May 7, 2010 and before May 28th must include a 10% surcharge on tuition.
• We cannot guarantee availability of slots for tuition payments postmarked after May 28th, 2010.
o Tuition fees for any unaccepted registrations will be returned to sender.
• June 15, 2010– Final Info Letter and Pre-work Packet circulated to confirmed participants.

For more information, please contact:
William (Bill) Crombie, AP Professional Development Specialist,
Maria Rosario, AP Administrative Coordinator, 617-491-0200,

Please circulate this announcement freely to others interested in the Algebra Project, and encourage them to contact us regarding the institute.

~ Circulated on behalf of the Summer 2010 AP Teacher PD Institute Leadership & Operations Teams:
• William Crombie, the Algebra Project, Inc.
• Greg Budzban, Department of Mathematics, Southern Illinois University
• Laura Roop, School of Education, University of Michigan
• Marian Currell, San Francisco Unified School District
• , the Young Peoples’ Project, Inc.–Chicago, IL
• , Thurgood Marshall Academic High School, San Francisco, CA
• Lynne Godfrey, Boston Teacher Residency Program, Boston Plan for Excellence, Inc.
• Maria Rosario, the Algebra Project, Inc.

In Gratitude:
The Algebra Project, Inc. would like to especially acknowledge Southern Illinois University—Carbondale Campus for co-hosting this AP Teacher PD Institute, and, the National Science Foundation, Discovery Research K-12 program for contributing grant support.

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