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Algebra Project Professional Development for Professional Developers Institute Candidate prerequisites and expectations:

Candidates for the 2010 AP PDPD Institute should have:
1.    Participated in a National Algebra Project Teacher Institute.
2.    At least “one year of teaching or support experience within an Algebra Project high school classroom.
3.    Demonstrated some form of leadership in your professional practice, locally or nationally.

After completion of the institute it is expected that PDPD participants will provide:
1.    On-going PD for AP teachers at their local site.
2.    Provide PD support to the AP network regionally and or nationally.

Candidate nomination and selection process:
This program announcement is being distributed to various stakeholders-High School Administrators, teachers, University Partners, and Algebra Project Functional Groups within the AP network.  These stakeholders are invited to participate in the nomination process for candidates to the 2010 PDPD Institute. Since the number of participants at a PDPD Institute is limited to twelve, AP sites are invited to submit no more than three candidates.  Selections for attendance to the Institute will be made by the PDPD Leadership team in consultation with stakeholders from nominating sites.

Program costs:
Fees for participation are $3000 per person.  This includes registration, housing, meals, materials, and access to all amenities.  Participants are responsible for flying into Saint Louis International airport. Stipends are the responsibility of either the participants sponsoring organization or their school districts.  The Algebra Project will provide ground transportation between the Saint Louis International airport and the SIU campus.

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