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LHS Algebra Project Students Lead “Family Math Night” Activities

Lanier HS Grads Audience

On January 10, 2008, ninety parents, community members, civil rights activists and educators assembled at the Medical Mall in Jackson, Mississippi with great anticipation of the demonstrations in mathematics which would be led by the Algebra Project students of Lanier.

The demonstrations highlighted the concepts of distance and displacement and how these ideas are applicable in everyday life situations such as the relay race. As teachers Demetrica Gorden and Herbert Brown outlined the rules of the relay race the students anxiously awaited their turn to display their knowledge of mathematics in a unique way. It was now time for the students to take center stage. As they hurriedly began stacking their cubes, they captivated the audience as R. Ferguson outlined the step by step process involved in a dynamical system at the end of the demonstrations, many questions and positive comments were made of learning math.

Frank Figgers, AP Parent Liaison, strongly reminded the audience of their role to be a village for these students. He stated that their presence was an indication that they care.

This event was made possible through the teamwork from the community at large- current and former AP students, parents, members of the Medical Mall Foundation, radio, churches in the Lanier feeder pattern, barber and beauty salons, teachers and administrative staff of Lanier and mentor groups. The event was a great success. More “Family Math Night” will be planned for the future.

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