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Feb 14-15: Driving Education Reform with Danny Glover


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CONTACT: David J. Dennis, Sr., (601) 668-6473, Algebra Project Site & Community Development consultant

Renowned actor and humanitarian Danny Glover will be in New Orleans visiting Recovery School District schools tomorrow, Thursday February 14 and Friday February 15, continuing his involvement in efforts to bring officials, schools and community together to create effective solutions toward raising the quality of public school education.

Mr. Glover will meet with students and faculty members of schools involved with the Algebra Project. These events seek to highlight the progress of the collaboration between the Vanguard Public Foundation and the Algebra Project—Mr. Glover sits on the Board of Directors of both organizations—with New Orleans schools.

In October 2005 the Vanguard Public Foundation initiated intensive support of work in New Orleans to assist the rebuilding efforts, particularly in the critical areas of public school education and housing. Vanguard partnered with the Algebra Project to provide professional development to math teachers from James Singleton Charter, Eleanor McMain and Frederick Douglas High Schools. AP trainers worked with the math teachers using the Algebra Project methodology at these schools throughout the 2005-2006 school year.  In the summer 2006, the teachers at Singleton charter were officially trained to implement the Algebra Project for the next school term.

One of the goals of the Algebra Project – and national math standards – is to offer algebra at the eighth grade to all students, a year before it is officially offered in the New Orleans public schools.  During the 2007-2008 school year, this work has expanded to additional RSD schools.

Dr. Raynard Sanders of Vanguard is pleased with the Algebra Project trainers and with the level of participating teachers’ commitment, evidenced by the start of the first eighth grade Algebra class at Singleton.  He underscores these contributions as demonstrations of the kinds of educational improvement efforts available to the city. “This is quite an accomplishment, given the academic challenges of the Singleton students, who do not have academic admission requirements.”

On Thursday, February 14th, Danny Glover will be present at a reception for community leaders and parents at the James Singleton Charter School at Dryades YMCA on 2220 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard between 4:30PM and 6:00PM.  Later that evening at 6:30PM, he will attend a Community Reception open to the general public at The Wisdom Hall on 1359 St. Bernard Ave.

Also, at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, February 15th, Mr. Glover will visit John McDonogh High School, 2426 Esplanade Ave.  During this return visit Mr. Glover will be meeting with school officials to better understand the current challenges and opportunities facing New Orleans students and teachers.

If you have any questions, please contact David J. Dennis, Sr., Algebra Project Site & Community Development consultant at 601-668-6473.

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